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A machine is a tool containing one or more parts that uses energy to perform an intended action.

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An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion.

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The Industrial Resource is a large, searchable database and directory of manufacturers and providers of industrial product and services.

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Energy is the lifeblood of an industrial site, and after raw materials, typically makes up the largest percentage of operating cost.

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Welding Supply Company Rents Space for a Formidable Project


In a world of constant development, we look to the city of Utah where an aspiring company is on the verge of flourishing financially. Industrial International Welding Supplies is amongst the top welding suppliers, with a variety of products from necessary welding equipment, to an overflow of mild steel, aluminum fasteners, and stainless steel to export.

They use the newest LYNX3 machines to develop the most reliable and high quality products on the market.

Their equipment is the most accurate and qualified for every type of welding. Whether you want to build steel metal window frames or bars for burglars, you can always count on this companies 50 years of professionalism in the field. They can help with any type of project you may have.Man Welding

Many successful and established companies turn to them for their collaboration. It doesn’t matter if they come from Eastern Europe, South Africa or the “Land down under”, these companies are pleased to form beneficial relationships with this proven veteran of the trade.

Most of them stated: “We enjoy working with Industrial International Welding Supplies. The superior products and professionalism helped us develop and expand our business to an automatic point, where things just go the right way, without any obstacles.”

The company uses unique and precise tooling to manufacture state of the art steel works and fasteners, on the ANSI and DIN standards to suit every need. The products are nationally and internationally recognized as their costs fit every pocket.

They use the best U.S. Steel and Aluminum to provide top quality works, and to build trust and respect amongst their collaborators.

With a lot of equipment at hand, Industrial International Welding Supplies also has many industry applications. It offers technology services, like welding consumables (as wires, electrodes or fluxes ) and rents cutting equipment for a variety of small firms.

They also provide consultations and hints, to starting firms that need a boost with their business.

This Company is one of the biggest assets in the Utah Industrial area and it will sure captivate the minds of business owners worldwide.

We welcome them to the family.

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Video Game Developers of Utah

The video game industry brings in more money than movies to Utah. The industry is worth many millions. But many people have no idea about this.

We seek to change that and lobby for more incentives for video game companies to set up shop. Video game companies are good for the local economy because they tend to stick around for many years, unlike the film industry who leave soon after filming.

We are non-profit organization who utilize a skilled team of graphic designers, website developers, photographers, organizers and reporters to help grow the digital media collective in Utah.

We run many events like the game wars, Nersapalooza, and the market accelerator program. The aim of these events of to foster a sense of community within the Utah gaming scene.

We help expose new gaming programmers to get noticed.

We also want to help developers to get funding and start-up companies. This encourages economic growth in the region.

Many large game companies has small beginnings and have now grown to major forces.

Our greatest goal would be to encourage the development of games similar to WOW.

The creativity and ingenuity that has gone into War of Warcraft is mind boggling. Another game like that would mean big things for the area.

We envision a whole other set of fantasy features in these games like majestic WOW mounts. Go to kcvn.net to see it.

Or how about having a game with something similar to WOW skilled trades.

As technology moves ahead more and more systems can handle the game. The system requirements for games like WOW is getting to be pretty common place.

So we envision a larger and larger video game market emerging. And as games get more amazing with e every passing year we are confident that more and more people will be attracted to playing the games. Thus another reason to encourage video games in Utah.

We are at the forefront of that endeavor and are glad to be a part of Utah Industrial Depot.

Utah Mountains

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Center for Diabetes Control

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the control of diabetes and its related symptoms.

Our goals are to create education through community supported efforts, in conjunction with local, regional, and national organizations.

We organize and support many events that facilitate this goal.

Since diabetes and many other diseases are mostly lifestyle driven, and have preventable underlying causes, we believe education of the public in preventative measure is the most effective way to control the spread of this and other diseases.

We work against disinformation campaigns established by various multinational corporations to confuse the public in regards to diabetes.

These despicable actions are driven by financial incentives these companies stand to reap as a result of the detrimental health experienced by some poor unsuspecting persons, ensnared in this false information.

Most of our campaigns focus on not only eliminating diabetic symptoms but reversing it the condition. Not only is this possible but is proven through decades of scientific and clinical studies.

The root cause of diabetes is known and completely preventable. The information we spread to the public can be summed up in the following video.

If you want to go directly to the page, go here to see the review to the solution.

This is what we do here at Center for Diabetes Control. Our staff is small but we have a much bigger influence where we are able to partner up with larger organizations to receive wider exposure.

These partnerships are the core of what we do. Without that none of it would be possible.

One of those partnerships that we chose to undertake is the making our offices at the Utah Industrial Management facilities.

We appreciate the opportunity to say a little bit about ourselves on this website. Our hope is that some people will see us here and seek to learn more.

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DJ Junkie Supplies

The one stop solution for all your dj equipment needs. We manufacture top quality machines with the highest quality materials and parts. You can be sure the machines you buy from us are superior in sound, quality, and performance.



Our machines are designed to be compact, lightweight, and durable. They are made to blend into with the environment, so you leave less of an impact on the scene. This makes your setup better because it won't create and unsightly clutter at the party.

We spend many hours perfecting the design and functionality of our equipment. That's so you only have to worry about keeping the party going. Not fixing your machines, worrying about where to put them, or how to get them were they need to be.

Some of the most respected and known djs around the world rely on the quality of our devices, to deliver superior results to their exacting standards. Our equipment has been tested and tried, with proven reliability and performance. Djs in all the major cities of the world are putting it to the test. For proof of this visit an example of a happily satisfied customer who. A respected wedding dj in chicago and suburbs.

If you are looking for the best the industry has to offer, then look no further. We are here to serve dj equipment wholesalers in supplying their customers with the best possible products, at the best possible prices.

We choose Utah Industrial Depot Management because they have the perfect location for our needs. They  have proven to supply superior customer service and security of the premises. We couldn't be happier here.

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Meet the tenants. We love the excellent relationships we have with all of our great tenants.

Below is a list of them and some information on who they are, and what they do. We think it is a good idea to get to know your neighbors.

For anyone looking to call us home can see they are in good company.

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Utah Industrial Depot Management is a team of professionals. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience in the spheres of Industrial, Land, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse, Office etc.